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Video Q&A – Embedded Connectivity 101

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Published on: 29 Aug 2023
Updated on: 4 December, 2023
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Mobilise’s Head of Growth, Sam Dunscombe, is here to answer the most asked questions about Embedded Connectivity and how it can benefit the travel industry. 

The travel eSIM market is set to be worth almost $10 billion by 2028, according to a report by Kaleido Intelligence. More and more consumers are prioritising Internet connectivity when they travel. According to a survey by HighSpeedInternet, 81% of travellers consider internet access essential or very important when choosing their travel destinations. And that’s where Embedded Connectivity comes in.  

Embedded Connectivity and eSIM technology allow users to enjoy seamless and hassle-free mobile connectivity. Since the first versions of eSIM technology, roaming has been discussed as a key use case. Offering local connectivity services without the massive costs of roaming on your home provider or having to go through the hassle of swapping SIM cards for a local provider, is very appealing. 



As the eSIM market continues to grow, companies in the travel industry must seize the opportunity to provide enhanced connectivity solutions and elevate the travel experience for their customers. By embracing the eSIM revolution, travel companies can futureproof their services and stay ahead in an increasingly connected world. 

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