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Time to Grow: Adopting a Digital-First Mindset as an MNO or MVNO

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Published on: 09 Jun 2021
Updated on: 23 February, 2023
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Digital-first telecom service providers (SPs) are now a necessity to survive in a digital world. Digital transformation is no longer an option. 

SPs need to meet their customers where they’re at-their devices. The future is digital. And, within it, the winners are not those with the best advertising or even the best product. But the best experience.  

A digital-first telecom strategy entails a user-centric approach. And a digital-first mindset makes decisions according to the customer’s wants and expectations. It requires an SP to measure new features and touchpoints against those wants and expectations. It watches for trends in user experience and customer experience design. And it ensures everything is developed to support the customer’s intention rather than distract from or obstruct that intention. 

Ironically, the telecoms industry is one that enables connection between distributed individuals. But the industry has been slow to evolve its customer experience for a digital and distributed world. And whilst the first best opportunity to make a change was yesterday, the second best is today. 

Now is the time to adopt a digital-first mindset. To prioritise the customer experience and simplify and declutter the customer experience journey. And for MNOs and MVNOs, amongst others, to adapt and realign around digital-first strategies that foster easy unconstrained customer relationships. 

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