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Save the date – 5G for MVNOs workshop

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Published on: 17 Oct 2018
Updated on: 20 February, 2024
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5G for MVNOs workshop

Software Application Development

Mobilise in partnership with our friends at Disruptive Analysis will be running a small-group interactive workshop on the 4th of December 2018 at the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair addressing one of the most interesting topics in telecoms:

What does 5G mean for MVNOs and other wholesale models?


The day will have a maximum of 25 attendees to ensure a high level of discussion and interaction. Expect a diverse mix of service providers, MVNO/E/As, network vendors, software developers, regulators and other interested parties such as enterprises, investors and consultants. 

It is suitable for C-level executives, strategists, product management, marketing functions, CTO office, wholesale managers, analysts and regulatory affairs specialists. 

The workshop will run under Chatham House rules, to allow for candid discussion, without any external attribution of comments to individuals or their employers.



  • Early bird £499+VAT before Nov 1
  • £699+VAT after Nov 1
  • 15% discount for 2 attendees booked at the same time (max 2 from any one company)

Please enquire for more details here or follow this link for further payment instructions.


Key questions

Some of the key questions we will look to investigate:

  • When should MVNOs expect 5G networks to launch/become important?
  • Are 5G standards bodies, regulators & vendors giving enough (any?) thought to the needs of MVNOs?
  • Is there a chance we’ll move from a 2-tier MNO/MVNO model to a 3-tier Infrastructure / Network Service / Tenant model? How would that change the role of today’s full MVNOs and MVNE/As?
  • Is “network slicing” really an evolution of today’s wholesale and MVNO model? Or is it something totally new? When will we see it commercially?
  • What impact will 5G’s new core network have on MVNOs? When will it be deployed, rather than the “non-standalone” version of 5G which uses the existing 4G cores?
  • How will MNOs’ wholesale operations and strategy need to change with the arrival of 5G? Who will their customers be?
  • Will 5G mean more impact (& opportunity) for enterprise, IoT and vertical MVNOs – eg an automotive MVNO, industrial MVNO, or government MVNO?
  • What are the impacts of changing spectrum policy on MVNOs? Will full MVNO access be a license condition? What other regulatory changes might occur?
  • Will some MVNOs become hybrids, building some of their own infrastructure as well, using shared/unlicensed spectrum?
  • What changes to service provision, billing and QoS will impact MVNOs with 5G?
  • Some people are referring to neutral-host networks (eg for in-building or rural coverage) as enabling “reverse MVNOs”, with MNOs using wholesale or roaming in those locations  – what does that mean?
  • At the same time as 5G, we are also expecting a shift to NFV, SDN and the use of technologies such as eSIM and edge-computing. What are the intersections & implications for MVNOs?
  • How should MVNOs be thinking about 5G devices? What new/different relationships are needed with OEMs?
  • What are the main 5G use cases for consumer-focused MVNOs?
  • What new data offerings could 5G bring to consumers?
  • Will we see new charging/rating models with 5G or will it be much the same as 4G?
  • Will it be possible to be a 5G-only MVNO?

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