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One Communications Case Study

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Published on: 28 Apr 2020
Updated on: 29 December, 2023
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One Communications (One) is a leading mobile, internet and cable TV triple-play provider serving residential and business customers throughout Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.


The Challenge

Following the introduction of new telecom regulations liberalising MVNO access to mobile network infrastructure, One called upon Mobilise Global to advise on the optimum strategic response.


Within an ever-evolving regulatory and competitive environment, we wanted to ready ourselves for the potential hosting of MVNOs on our network. With Bermuda being a relatively small mobile market, we needed to design an MVNO hosting solution that was viable for One Communications, both technically and financially, and also sustainable for our MVNO partners.

Frank Amaral, CEO of One Communications


The Solution

The primary objective for Mobilise was to present One with a complete appraisal of challenges and opportunities – both commercial and technical – in the context of international examples. This would take the form of a detailed report setting out the various options available to One in onboarding and hosting MVNOs on its mobile network, thereby fulfilling its regulatory obligations while at the same time enabling world-class, differentiated services in the local market.

As part of the analysis, Mobilise provided background on the current MVNO market, identified historic key success factors for MVNOs and summarised the recognised technical and commercial approaches employed by mobile operators when hosting MVNO partners.

At the heart of the report was a series of strategic recommendations conceived by Mobilise, based upon years of global experience with mobile operators and regulators around the world. These outlined hosting options that One Communications could select from, depending on the specific requirements of individual MVNO partners, among other considerations.



The Results

Mobilise provided One with the necessary expert insights to help shape a strategy to drive unique and innovative services to its MVNO customers. The report findings allowed One to create a best practices baseline for negotiations with potential MVNO partners and lobbying the local
regulator. The scope of the analysis crucially included both the technical and commercial functions of facilitating MVNO access to the One network.


Mobilise was instrumental in helping us to understand MVNO best practices through their international experience whilst also helping us create a template for onboarding MVNOs to our network.

Frank Amaral, CEO of One Communications


Download this case study in PDF format →


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