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Mobilise Hotspots

Mobilise Hotspots is a white-labelled WiFi solution that offers end-users unlimited global WiFi access to 40+ million hotspots across 180 countries. Our solution includes network integration, branding, mobile app and web portal development and proposition consulting.

Mobilise Hotspots provides a Data Offloading solution for telecoms networks looking for ways to deal with high and increasing levels of data usage on 3G and 4G networks. Mobilise can offer access to a software development kit (SDK) which allows clients to integrate the Mobilise Hotspots’ connectivity into their own platforms and applications. This can be re-branded to have the look and feel of the client’s own service.

Offer your customers a 1st Class WiFi Service with Mobilise Hotspots

Unlimited internet access

Unlimited Access

Mobilise Hotspots is truly unlimited. This means no limits, no caps and no throttling – a true all-you-can-eat model.

Globally operating

Global Coverage

Featuring 40+ million WiFi hotspots globally. Coverage includes airports, hotels, premium networks, inflight, trains, community networks and more.

Easy login method

Hassle Free Login

Users only have to log into the app once. Once connected, the user will have access to any of our hotspots for virtually continuous connectivity.

Secure telecommunications


Users don’t need to pass information to 3rd parties to access our networks. Make use of our VPN solution to provide extra security to your customers.

Woman holding mobile phone

Mobilise Hotspots

The Mobilise Hotspots app provides users with virtually continuous WiFi connection, no matter where they are. Connections to and from WiFi hotspots are automatic and seamless.

Benefits of working with Mobilise

Fully white labelled


Each of our solutions is developed in-house and is fully customisable, shaped to match your brand’s look and feel.

Flexible pricing plans

Flexible Pricing

Because our clients’ needs change over time, we keep our commercial terms flexible. Our goal is to provide solutions that empower, with low setup costs and minimum resource allocation from our clients.

No over head

No Overhead

Our managed solutions are designed to minimise effort required from our clients to implement and operate the service.

Data analytics


We offer a wide range of analytics to track service performance and user behaviour, to provide valuable insight to inform wider engagement strategies.

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