Effective strategy for your mobile project


Over-the-top (OTT) services, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Netflix are here to stay. These relatively new entrants have already surpassed many of their traditional telecoms counterparts in terms of usage. The threat is very real and the opportunities are just as significant. 

Service providers need to prepare their strategies to succeed in this disruptive landscape. Mobilise can help develop the crucial OTT strategies to help business achieve their corporate objectives, increase efficiency and meet the demands of the industry.


Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have progressed rapidly in recent years and we are now starting to see real-world applications deriving real-world value. For companies, IoT brings many new opportunities but also many challenges as companies navigate the complexities of the IoT ecosystem.

Defining and managing IoT applications correctly is no easy achievement, leaving many companies with an unclear or unproven strategy and unable to move beyond trials to value generating commercial deployments.

Mobilise can help companies better understand the IoT landscape with advice covering technology players, connectivity on a global scale, commercial elements and go to market strategies and more.


5G is set to become a mass market technology. Many future market players and operators are preparing their entry into this market right now: 4G virtual mobile operators, car manufacturers, public transport companies, 5G based Industry 4.0, smart city operators, smart farming service providers, terminal manufacturers.

Backed by our unparalleled experience in launching 4G virtual mobile networks and in 5G implementation strategy development, we are able offer our customers a complete system for implementing their 5G strategy, the 5GTM, our proprietary MVNO GTM framework adapted for 5G.