Philippe Nieto


Philippe works as an advisor to Mobilise. His background is as a telecoms executive, entrepreneur and intrapreneur with over 25 years’ experience working for international telecommunications operators including Orange, T-Mobile, Tele2 and Lycamobile. Philippe’s experience covers the full launch of 4 Mobile Virtual Network Operators in France, Austria and Tunisia, totalling over 2 million active users and with proven profitability, as well as the P&L, strategic partnerships and regulatory management of 5 MVNO markets in Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Before entering the mobile sector, he was active within a number of markets including the wholesale of international telecoms, terrestrial fibre, sea-cables as well as satellites and mobile banking and payment software and services.

Philippe also co-founded Swapcom, a leading international OTA software company sold in 2006 to the Swisscom Group. As a lecturer at Paris University, Philippe has extensive knowledge of technology innovation, strategy and markets.

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