What is M-Connect?

M-Connect is a fully brandable multi-feature platform that allows brands to implement digital-first service propositions.


The marketing landscape has dramatically changed: consumers want the same kind of Experience with every brand they encounter; there is a powerful convergence of marketing and technology; and brands are no longer built through advertising, but through Experiences.


Customer experience has emerged as the key driver of sustainable business growth. A one-point increase in Experience scores can translate into millions of dollars of annual revenue.


Combining our deep knowledge of Telecoms customer journeys with our M-Connect software platform we help brands deliver market leading customer experiences and manage digital transformation.

Churn Reduction
  • Increase user engagement via self-care functionality
  • With behavioural insights, predict and reduce customer churn

Cut Your Costs
  • Lower costs through increased in-app transactions
  • Reduce costs to serve through better self help, app analytics.

Increased Analytics
  • Empower marketing teams with advanced user analytics, extracted from user app behaviour, leading to more effective campaign execution.

Revenue Enhancement
  • Up-sell bundle products and VAS in-app, increasing ARPU and CLV; Increase voice revenue from lower cost international calling directly from the app.
  • Drive adoption of additional products & services provided in-app, leading to reduced churn;

Modular Architecture

Our strategy with M-Connect is to create a digital ecosystem that allows operators to implement digital based service propositions. M-Connect has a standard features set, but our architecture allows operators to deploy their own products and services quickly and with minimal cost.


International Calling

Provide your users with secure, low-cost, HD voice quality, international calling

Self-care App

Users have full control from the mobile app, to manage their account, monitor their usage and pay bills

Virtual Numbers

Users can rent a range of international numbers, and make & receive calls from these numbers at low rates

Global Remittance

Easily transfer money to friends & family internationally with cash-out options

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