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Levelling the Mobile Playing Field

04 Jan 2017 1 min read

Helping MVNOs become Wi-Fi First

By providing access to a level playing field, and the ability to implement a Wi-Fi First strategy in a nimble way, this presents the MVNO market with the opportunity to create longer more profitable customer relationships. It also helps MVNOs to regain control of their margins and do business on their own terms – not based on what access the mobile operator is prepared to grant them.

This is a chance for MVNOs to show how independence can mean greater innovation, greater emphasis on the customer experience, and a more engaging brand to do business with. There is no question that the demand for access to more data, faster, is out there, and it’s only set to grow. The market is ready, the infrastructure is ready, and Mobilise is ready to help MVNOs put more margin back into their business.

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