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Join us at our Telcos’ Digital Transformation with eSIM webinar

25 Oct 2021 2 min read

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We are excited to announce that on the 10th of November, at 11 am UTC+1, we’ll be hosting a webinar on Telco’s Digital Transformation with eSIM.

The webinar aims to uncover the main mistakes made by telcos when digitalising their customer experience and discuss the best ways to avoid those mistakes.

We will be hosting the webinar together with Oasis Smart SIM and ARIADNEXT – industry experts in eSIM and eKYC.

Oasis Smart SIM is a GSMA-certified eSIM infrastructure provider. Jonathan Kendall, the company’s CCO, will talk about how to create customer-centric propositions in accordance with GSMA standards and how to avoid pitfalls that are often overlooked by operators when deciding to implement eSIM.

ARIADNEXT is an expert in online identity verification and provides solutions for customer enrolment management and identity documents checks. Their Telco Business Developer, Pascal Decaux, will present how designing an efficient and secure Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process can prevent fraud and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Mobilise, represented by our CEO, Hamish White, will focus on mistakes made by telcos when digitalising their customer onboarding, in particular designing the user journey and eSIM provisioning.

We will also present our combined solution that addresses all three areas and showcase how to utilise both tools – eSIM and eKYC –  to effectively digitalise customer experience.

The webinar comes at a pertinent time for the industry. As mentioned in one of our recent articles, The Future of eSIM in the Consumer Market, eSIM is set to transform the consumer segment. 60% of all mobile devices will be eSIM compatible and 90% of providers will offer eSIM service for smartphones by 2025.

Join us on Wednesday, 10th of November, at 11 am UTC+1 to learn how to transform your telco and win the ongoing battle for customer loyalty!


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