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Digital BSS in a smart plug-and-play solution

The fully customisable app that helps you provide a first-class connectivity solution, delivering outstanding customer experiences.

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Innovative businesses use our products

Customer Empowerment

Intuitive user interfaces enrich your customers' digital journey with the ability to self-serve and proactively manage their own accounts.

Speed and Performance

Get your customised app to market quicker. Our high-performance cloud-based SaaS solution integrates seamlessly without disrupting your existing infrastructure.

Customised Experiences

Create the unique experiences your customers want. We build you a fully branded app that puts your users first.

Increased Profitability

Cross-sell and up-sell products and services in-app for better customer experiences and greater returns for your business.

Create tailored customer experiences faster

Customers demand the same slick experience they get from digital-first brands and OTT providers. But to deliver that you have to detangle disparate legacy systems, data siloes and complicated vendor and supplier relationships.

With HERO®, you can bypass all that.

Launch a fully branded, customisable digital app on top of your existing infrastructure. No complex coding or costly technology upgrades required.

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Faster deployment time


Increase in customer satisfaction


Lower cost than average digital transformation

Simple to use for your customers and your team

Smooth User Experience

Boost customer retention and free up your support team from repetitive questions with an intuitive user experience that puts your customers in full control. From tracking plans, spending and data usage, to managing top-ups and notifications, let them choose what they want, when they want it.


30 days

Intuitive User Interfaces

HERO® is a white-label, out-of-the-box SaaS solution we customise with your branding and identity. Designed to be sleek and effective, the intelligent interfaces fit in seamlessly with your brand profile and can be understood in seconds, delivering a truly tailored customer experience.

Seamless Integration

Ensure ongoing mobile app compatibility with your existing systems and 3rd parties. HERO®’s orchestration layer sits between our solution and your existing technology. Making every integration fast, smooth, and secure.

Accelerate your Digital Transformation

HERO®’s API-led modular architecture gets you back in the game faster. The flexible design lets you offer exciting next-gen digital experiences and 3rd party partnerships that keep customers happy, loyal and likely to recommend your service.

Advanced Data Analytics

Make your customers feel valued. Offer them more personalised experiences based on customer behaviour and interactions by using machine learning and predictive analytics.

Roadmap for the Future

We have a clear product development roadmap, with well-honed processes to leverage emerging technologies. You’ll have continued access to new updates as they’re released. To ensure your digital solution stays current, engaging and competitive.

HERO® - the digital-first solution that you, your team and your customers will love.

Find out more about the platform, its architecture and features.

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Create the experience you want with our pre-built modules

Web Portal



eSIM Hub

Product Catalogue

Big Data

Support your customers throughout their service lifecycle. From onboarding, eKYC, payment processing, subscription management, to in-app eSIM activation. Our HERO® mobile app gives your customers a 360-degree view of their service, anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can offer personalised customer experiences with marketplace add-ons like Netflix and Spotify, all while adding a fully digital revenue stream to your business.

Mirror our great app experience with an innovative and responsive customer web portal. Including self-service and e-commerce capabilities to drive revenue. Our fully branded web portal provides engaging self-care and marketplace capabilities for a consistent omnichannel experience.

Got your eSIM-only devices strategy in place? In-app eSIM activation simplifies your customers mobile service setup to a single tap. Offer a fully digital onboarding experience and remove all physical SIM card costs with our fully customisable eSIM solution.

For times when customers need extra support outside of the self-care digital channels. Our web-based CRM tool ensures your customer service team can support every aspect of your service efficiently. Featuring eSIM provisioning, comprehensive customer analytics and full-service monitoring, empower your workforce with all the right tools needed to manage the whole customer lifecycle.

HERO®’s eSIM Hub provides seamless access to global connectivity and eSIM real-time stock management in one centralised location. Easily manage tenants, eSIM subscriptions, configurations and profiles without engaging with multiple network operators. Get instant access to the real-time systems and service monitoring you need to make better business decisions.

Build your products and services across all digital channels via our web-based product catalogue. Help your team manage your portfolio seamlessly, eliminating any development or configuration changes on the network. Increase your workforce speed and efficiency to manage and update products, images, and offers on both the consumer website and mobile applications.

Build rich data analytics on user profiles and service consumption from digital channels, the network, and third-party services. Interactive customisable dashboards give you key operational and performance metrics. Capture emerging consumer trends based on behavioural indicators to help you develop new products and improve machine learning processes such as churn prediction and next best offer.

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