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Global Connectivity with eSIM – Degoo Case Study

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Published on: 23 May 2023
Updated on: 12 July, 2023
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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Degoo offers seamless and ultra-secure cloud storage solutions with AI-empowered interfaces. Launched in 2012, it’s now serving over 9 million users worldwide through their services. In 2019, Degoo acquired Instabridge, an app connecting millions of active users to free Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, allowing its users’ easy access to the internet, no matter where they are.



Degoo wanted to further improve Instabridge services and overcome the Wi-Fi technology limitations, making it more attractive to their users by

  • Offering mobile data plans to enable its users to stay connected even in places without Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Doing so in a seamless way – as plenty of Instabridge users are frequent travellers, the solution had to be simple to activate and manage.

The answer was simple: eSIM!

However, eSIM is a new telecom technology with GSMA-imposed security restrictions and rigid processes that makes it hard for non-telco software companies to easily and efficiently adopt. It would’ve taken Degoo significant resources, partnerships, time, and expertise to be able to implement an eSIM feature into their app.

Additionally, Apple requires service providers to acquire a certain permission called “eSIM entitlement” to be allowed to publish an iOS app that supports in-app eSIM activation. The process to acquire the eSIM entitlement can take any time between 12-18 months, with some service providers failing to get the entitlement at all.



Degoo decided to utilise Mobilise’s eSIM SDK (software development kit) to “drop-in” eSIM capabilities into their existing and established Instabridge app. It condensed the effort and hassle of the process into one solution which Degoo could integrate and test within a couple of weeks.

Mobilise’s SDK solution, which is a part of Mobilse’s digital BSS HERO platform, allows service providers to offer global connectivity services within their existing app, embedding connectivity in an instant with little to no customisation needed. And without the overhead of eSIM and mobile connectivity integration. The kit also grants service providers access to APIs that support on-device telephony service management, authentication, and provisioning, with ongoing support and development.

Additionally, Mobilise was able to support Degoo and Instabridge throughout the Apple eSIM entitlement process. And thanks to the recent partnership with Apple, Mobilise was able to fast-track Degoo’s request to achieve its eSIM entitlement in only 2 weeks.



With Mobilise’s eSIM SDK, Degoo has enriched Instabridge with connectivity features in as little as a couple of weeks. Since the service is eSIM-only, Instabridge users can connect in a matter of minutes without the use of QR codes. The SDK allows for in-app eSIM activation, offering users a fully digital onboarding experience that’s easy and simple.

The Instabridge app is available on both Android and iOS and will serve an estimated 240,000 consumer eSIMs over the next two years. It’s also projected to help connect up to 25% of Degoo’s existing customer base through this new service, further allowing Degoo to offer global connectivity solutions.


Download this case study in PDF format →

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