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eSIM for Travel Survey 2023

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Published on: 03 Oct 2023
Updated on: 4 December, 2023
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In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and a global shift towards increased connectivity, the travel industry stands on the brink of a transformative evolution. Largely driven by the emergence of eSIM for travel.


A recent study conducted by Kaleido Intelligence has illuminated a promising path ahead for eSIM providers targeting the travel industry. Revealing a staggering 500% surge in retail spending on eSIM services. By 2028, it’s projected that the travel eSIM market will be valued at nearly $10 billion. This highlights the opportunities that eSIM brings to the travel industry.


At Mobilise, we share a strong belief in the potential of eSIM technology within the sector. We recognise that travel operators may have apprehensions and questions regarding consumer awareness and readiness of eSIM adoption. We commissioned some research on consumers and their experiences when travelling abroad.


Particularly in relation to how they stay connected during their travels using eSIM. Our primary objective is to establish key insights and patterns among diverse consumer demographics. All while providing invaluable insights for potential clients of Mobilise. The remarkable growth trajectory of eSIM technology within the industry signifies boundless opportunities and benefits, not only for travellers but also for companies operating in this sphere.


As eSIM continues its expansion in the travel industry, it becomes increasingly important for companies to take advantage of this opportunity, offering enhanced eSIM connectivity solutions to enrich their customers’ experiences. By embracing eSIM and Embedded Connectivity, companies can future-proof their services, positioning themselves at the forefront of an increasingly interconnected world.


Part 2 of this Travel Survey is coming soon, featuring a survey of 2 senior managers or above from the travel industry.

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