eSIM as a Service - White-label eSIM app for MNOs and MVNOs eSIM as a Service - White-label eSIM app for MNOs and MVNOs

Capitalise on eSIM
opportunity quickly and easily

eSIM is set to completely disrupt the telecommunications market. Only in the last 12 months, the penetration rate of eSIM capable devices changed from 5% to 36%. This provides CSPs with an opportunity to create fully digital customer journeys and future-proof their brands.

Our M-Connect’s eSIM module accelerates access to eSIM capabilities while minimising costs, timelines and project risks.

Capitalize from eSIM

Take advantage of the benefits of eSIM

Deliver Fully Digital Customer Experience

Provide your customers with a simple and straightforward onboarding process and instant in-app eSIM installation that doesn’t require troublesome QR codes.

Minimise Costs and Improve Conversions

Eliminate logistics cost and overhead for delivering physical SIM cards, decrease customer acquisition and customer service costs all while increasing your conversion rate.

Future-Proof Your Brand

Gain a competitive edge over your competitors and enable new business models that will not only transform your brand now but also equip it with powerful tools for the years to come.

eSIM Mobile App

Our technology, your platform

The Mobilise eSIM Software Development Kit (SDK) integrates and brings the eSIM capability into your platform offering:

  • Access to eSIM provisioning APIs supporting intelligent connection, authentication and provisioning
  • Enablement of eSIM capability with minimal change
  • Supported Platforms: iOS and Android

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