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Embedded Connectivity – Your top questions answered

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Published on: 12 Dec 2023
Updated on: 12 December, 2023
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Mobilise’s Service Delivery Manager, Mohamed Waheed, is here to answer the most asked questions about Embedded Connectivity!



According to a survey by HighSpeedInternet, 81% of travellers consider internet access essential or very important when choosing their destinations. And that’s where Embedded Connectivity comes in.

Embedded Connectivity and eSIM technology allow users to enjoy seamless and hassle-free mobile connectivity. Since the first versions of eSIM technology, roaming has been discussed as a key use case. And spending on eSIM is soaring. Offering local connectivity services without the massive costs of roaming on consumers’ home providers or having to go through the hassle of swapping SIM cards for a local provider, is very appealing.

However, most companies, especially those outside the telco realm don’t know how to approach the topic. The answer is simple: an Embedded Connectivity solution.

At Mobilise, we’ve encapsulated years of research, experience and best practices and created a simple and easy-to-plug Connectivity SDK. We developed it with our clients in mind – it’s flexible to suit your unique requirements and adds a seemingly complex feature quickly and hassle-free.

Are you interested in Embedded Connectivity? Click here to find out more or contact us for a free demo

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