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Digital eSIM brand – Manx (OV) case study

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Published on: 22 Feb 2022
Updated on: 29 December, 2023
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OV has a unique perspective on connectivity and IoT. The brand sits within the Manx Telecom group of companies, leveraging Manx Telecom’s high-quality mobile network infrastructure, engineering expertise, and global network agreements with other mobile network operators, to provide global cellular connectivity to IoT and mobile service providers, in the UK and other international markets. Mobilise, via its digital BSS platform, HERO, developed a new eSIM app proposition focused on the traveller segment – BreatheSIM.



The Challenge

Manx has a reputation for being innovative and first to market. It wanted to uphold this reputation by becoming the first qualified MNO to launch a fully digital eSIM app.

As an MNO, Manx already had all the connectivity infrastructure in place. It had over 600 roaming contracts with telcos worldwide to leverage in launching its digital eSIM brand. However, Manx lacked the digital BSS capabilities required to support a fully digital service offering. For this, Manx Telecom partnered with Mobilise, leveraging its digital BSS platform, HERO and Mobilise’s digital product design expertise to launch its new and digital-only mobile service offering.


We needed a highly capable, technical partner with expertise in the field to take what Manx provides and tailor it to the eSIM market. Mobilise seemed like the perfect partner to help us achieve this goal.

David Bufton, Head of Commercial Finance at Manx Telecom


The Solution

Mobilise, via its HERO platform, offered an eSIM service solution to Manx (OV). As a result, we developed and launched a new digital-only proposition focused on the traveller segment: BreatheSIM.

Thanks to HERO’s modular API-led open architecture, the integration of the new platform components without disrupting existing systems or processes is smooth and simple. Additionally, the eSIM module provided Manx with a comprehensive end-to-end management solution to handle its eSIM customers


Seven smartphone mock ups showcasing BreatheSIM mobile eSIM app


One of the unique features of Mobilise’s eSIM as a Service is its in-app provisioning and it is undoubtedly the gold standard for eSIM products since it provides a seamless user experience.

David Bufton, Head of Commercial Finance at Manx Telecom


The Result

Developed by Mobilise, BreatheSIM provided Manx (OV) with a solution that allows them the first-mover advantage in the consumer eSIM market.

Users can download the BreatheSIM mobile app, choose their travel destination and navigate the available products. Then, users select the preferred payment method and currency and finally activate their eSIM profile.

The eSIM activation only takes one tap and is completed within seconds. It also eliminates the delivery or collection of physical SIM cards.

Moreover, this makes the onboarding experience seamless, quick and consistent, regardless of the user’s location. Also, the app gives the user full control and transparency over their usage, payments, and purchases. On top of this, it minimises the number of customer support requests.

Additionally, Mobilise has deployed a suite of customer relationship management tools. This enables the Manx team to operate and manage the service. The suite includes a CRM admin portal, reporting, a digital customer support ticketing system and a dynamic product catalogue.



a green and white mock up of BreatheSIM CRM


Download this case study in PDF format →


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