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Consumer eSIM – A game changer or a gimmick?

13 Apr 2021 1 min read

eSIM has been growing in strength and started to enter the consumer market. It is a real chance for SME Service Providers to deliver differentiated customer experiences and win the battle for customer loyalty. Yet, as with any emerging technology, there is a lot of ambiguity that surrounds it.

SME Service Providers tend to struggle with the adoption of new technologies. Not only is the process more challenging for them, but they also do not have as many resources as the larger organisations.

In this white paper, we explain the concept of eSIM technology in the consumer market and provide SME Service Providers with an overview of the opportunities and challenges of becoming an Early Adopter.


White paper content


1. What is an eSIM

2. Consumer eSIM Opportunities

– Becoming a digital-first telco

– Environmental benefits of eSIM

– Cost Saving

– Futureproofing

3. Consumer eSIM Challenges

– GSMA eSIM Certification

– Regulated Process with App Marketplaces

– Complicated Digital-Network Integration

4. eSIM solution

– Mobilise’s eSIM as a Service – overview and structure

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