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7 Key Aspects to Consider When Developing a Telco App

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Published on: 03 Mar 2021
Updated on: 24 March, 2023
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Since we published Telecom Digital User Experience – why is it so bad? And how did we get here? almost a year ago, there hasn’t been much change on the app development front in the telco space.

Therefore, we decided to follow up on that post and make service providers’ lives a little bit easier. Using our own knowledge and experience in the industry (and some extra research), we pulled together the following infographic. Here are the 7 key aspects to consider while developing a telco mobile app:

The 7 Key aspects of developing a telco app. In telco app development 1. Simplicity is key. 2. Transparency. 3. Flexibility. 4. Deliver value. 5. Personalisation. 6. In-app customer support. 7. Loyalty rewards.


Here at Mobilise, we aim to make telcos’ lives easier so we developed a white-labelled app that encompasses all of the above aspects. We called it M-Connect and you can find out more about it here.

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