7 Key Aspects to Consider When Developing a Telco App 7 Key Aspects to Consider When Developing a Telco App

Since we published Telecom Digital User Experience – why is it so bad? And how did we get here? almost a year ago, there hasn’t been much change on the app development front in the telco space.

Therefore, we decided to follow up on that post and make service providers’ lives a little bit easier. Using our own knowledge and experience in the industry (and some extra research), we pulled together the following infographic. Here are the 7 key aspects to consider while developing a telco mobile app:

Mobilise Infographic about 7 Key aspects of developing a telco app, app store reviews


Here at Mobilise, we aim to make telcos’ lives easier so we developed a white-labelled app that encompasses all of the above aspects. We called it M-Connect and you can find out more about it here.


By Hamish White

Hamish White is the Founder and CEO of Mobilise and is an international Mobile telecommunications expert with 20 years’ experience covering 4 continents, with a speciality in managing greenfield or transformation projects.



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