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5G – An Opportunity or Threat for MVNOs?

25 Sep 2019 1 min read

After years of hype, the UK’s first 5G network has gone live and with announcements by all the major operators of their various 5G launches, so we are taking this opportunity to reflect upon how this may affect the MVNO industry.

It is clear there is a genuine opportunity for 5G to drive the transformation of businesses in ways which have never been possible before. The telecom industry has all the technical capabilities to succeed and we will start to see this play out in the form of new service enablement platforms providing bespoke 5G connectivity, virtualization, open APIs and other ‘market led’ developments that have the potential to lead the digital transformation of industry.

This whitepaper examines some of the questions the MVNO industry is beginning to ask both itself and their Host MNOs because, like us, the industry is still searching for clear answers as to the use cases and benefits of 5G.

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